Life-Changing Experiences. Game-Changing Travel.

TruTravels creates life changing group travel experiences for 18 - Whatever year olds! Whether you’re a millennial, Gen Z-er or are just straight up young at heart, join us for unreal adventures across Asia, Europe & Latin America. There’s more than one way to travel so we’ve perfected 4 distinct travel styles - Classic, FitVentures, Flashpacker & SailVentures to ensure the bucket list trip you’re looking for.. Well, we’ve got it!


Maximum adventure, minimum hassle & we don’t do average... Ever. We have thousands of 5 star reviews online because our badass Travel Ninjas (like tour guides, but much better) are highly trained to make your experience a life changing, mind blowing, ground breaking, earth shatteringly awesome one. Every time. Book your dream trip now and look forward to making memories that will last a life time. You deserve it.



If you have travelled with us before then you can skip this bit, you know the score.

If not, then take a minute to read this, because either by luck or by design, there are a few companies out there that look a bit like us, and you owe it to yourself to pick the right one.

Tru Flexibility

We offer super low lifetime deposits, payment plans and free date changes so you are always in control and can spend more time worrying about what to pack.

Tru Inclusions

Action packed itineraries with bucket list activities to maximise your adventure. All accommodation, activities and transport included making our trips awesome value for money. What you see is what you get.

Tru Exclusives

Everyone takes you to the hotspots, but our tours give you a selection of unique experiences. Things that we have created that make sure your trip is life-changing.

Tru Stories

Travel is about stories. Meet our extended family and learn about the locals and communities that have changed their lives through tourism. Become part of our TruStory.

Tru Friends

Friends for life! Yep, it’s bold, but we guarentee you will make friends for life when you travel with us. Fact. Travel isn’t just the places you go, it’s the people you meet.

Tru Ninjas

We refer to our guides as Travel Ninjas because they are bad Ass! They’renot like other tour guides, they move heaven and earth to give you an awesome time and never clock off. You won’t find people like them anywhere else!

Tru Family

Join us and become part of the TruFam. A group of fun-loving legends fromaround the world who share our love for travel. Anyone who travels or works with us becomes part of our family

Tru Colours

Travel is more than just living the dream - if done right it can change the world. We show our TruColours by travelling responsibly, sustainably, and promoting equality whereever we go.


"I’ve just finished the 10 day Bali experience and can honestly say it’s been amazing! I was so nervous about going away by myself for the first time but our fabulous guide, Amer, made everyone feel so comfortable and made it super fun!"

Google Review Izzy E. U.K


“It completely exceeded my expectations. I had the time of my life visiting places I never knew existed apart from in the movies and I met some of the coolest people from all over the world…”

Tour Radar Review – Nick Curwood, Australia


"I have had the best time ever on the Thailand Island Hopper tour! it made travelling alone less scary and would definitely do it all again! "

Google Review - Olivia Downs, U.K


 “I have been on other tours with other companies and it wouldn’t be fair to even put them in the same category as TruTravels…”

Tour Radar Review – Josh Kennedy, New Zealand

If Monday was a photo… 🙃🦄💦Rumour has it you lose all brain cells upon entering an airport 🤔✈Start as a TruTraveller - Leave as a member of the TruFam 😁☀️✈The Philippines - Home to the world's best sunset 😲🌅Been there, done that, got the T-shirt 😏🌏fail to prepare - prepare to fail right? 😏🎒🧳

Tru News

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